write it down!

it seems as though any and everyone who believes in the law of attraction has read the secret; i myself was a little late to the game but am finally reading it now. i’m about halfway through and can tell that it’s working wonders already. in the span of a few weeks, some pretty awesome things have happened. taken alone, each is minor; but as a whole, they are evidence that this stuff is real. for example, a concept that keeps showing up in my life is to “write it down”. meaning, it’s great to have a vague sense of what you want your life to look like, but the best way to actually make all of that happen is to get super clear and specific on what you want and put pen to paper so that the universe knows it unequivocally. the secret uses the analogy of placing an order via a catalogue: when you place an order, you know with certainty (barring a freak delivery mess-up or crazy snowstorm. but you get the point) that your package will eventually arrive. so too with your dreams and desires. once you’re clear about them, write them down, and let the universe know you’re serious about them, you can consider your “order” as having been placed. and you can know with certainty that you can expect them…eventually. hey, better late than never! for you skeptics out there (and i know there are many- i used to be one of them): i get it. it sounds real hippie-dippie and esoteric and maybe just plain ridiculous. but consider taking a chance, doing something different and giving it a try. worst case, your life stays the same. best case, it transforms into everything you’ve ever dreamed of.