write it down! part deux

i hate that i haven’t blogged in nearly a month. work and personal life have been so busy and i’m barely keeping my head above water. i feel like i’m in a constant state of motion, rarely taking a minute to just be with myself, quiet my breath, listen to my body and get my bearings. i was finally able to do so yesterday though, when i made myself sit still for a minute and think about an upcoming trip. i have to pack…a lot. i’m traveling for a wedding, but will be doing plenty of sightseeing and hopefully yoga. i only intend on bringing one suitcase, therefore need to be pretty strategic about what comes and what stays behind. so i did the thing that i often mean to do in life but get lazy about and don’t: i made a list. and before i knew it, i was almost done packing. it’s yet more proof of the power of writing it down. somehow putting it on paper makes me know i NEED to do this thing, otherwise i’ll feel like a failure. and let’s be real–no one wants to feel like a failure. granted, the fact that i was preparing for a very joyous occasion helped the process along, don’t get me wrong! but even on the rare days where i make a to-do list, i pretty much always cross every item off by day’s end. so big or small, write it down! in my experience, it will drastically improve your chances of success.