hi! welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out my site. a little about me: i’m a born-again yogi. i started practicing kundalini in college, but once i graduated and joined the workforce, the real world got in the way. a few years ago i rediscovered my love of yoga, and have since been practicing as many days a week as my schedule allows. i completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training with the marianne wells yoga school in nosara, costa rica last year and am endlessly eager to share my love of yoga with others, and enlighten them on its many spiritual and physical benefits.

my other passion is dogs: i volunteer at an animal shelter in my spare time. but in truth, i love all animals. i also love wellness in general, and am pretty obsessed with eating healthily. i’ve toyed with becoming a vegan (and have chronicled those attempts in this blog) mostly because the meat and dairy industries are not only awful and cruel to animals, but are taking a massive toll on our planet.

my days are spent at allure magazine, where i’m a research manager (ie: fact-checker). i’ve been embracing my inner writer lately, too. some samples, for those with any interest and extra time on their hands 🙂




i welcome your thoughts and comments, and thank you again for stopping by. namaste.