an ode to yoga

in honor of international yoga day, i’m taking a moment to sing the praises of the practice that has changed my life so much for the better. i recently wrote an article for a website whose target audience is latina women in my age range, in which i talked about how for much of my life i felt like sort of the odd woman out (albeit not necessarily in a bad way); but once i really embraced yoga, i was able to embrace all of me. it’s made me kinder, more understanding, and more comfortable in my skin. it has greatly quieted my nerves (inherited from my amazing but often nerve-addled father) and has taught me the hard-learned lesson of acceptance of both myself and others. it’s made me healthier in body, mind, and spirit. and lastly and probably most importantly, yoga is a constant reminder that love for self and all of life should be our number one goal. i have some very non-yogi days when i worry about any and everything, walk around with rbf (resting bitch face, in case you’re not familiar with the acronym) and generally feel angry at life. but lately, those days are rare.

pre-yoga cristina would have cringed at all this hippie-speak; i used to judge all the yoga types for being too happy (imagine that! these days i’m pretty sure there’s no such thing). but now that i’ve seen the proverbial yoga light, i totally get it. the feelings yoga gives me aren’t ones i can easily articulate; all i can say is, they are like crack, but without the negative side effects (though for the record, i’ve never done crack so can’t say definitively!)

i’m not one to impose my thoughts and opinions on others, but i do think yoga can change just about anyone’s life. if you need a little more love, patience, acceptance, joy, [insert positive noun here], maybe give yoga a try. because hey, you never know. but i honestly believe you won’t be disappointed.

love and light to all on this special day.