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the magic touch

i’m not a particularly touchy-feely person. my mom and sister would hug and kiss people all day if they could, but i’m pretty reserved when it comes to physical displays of affection in platonic situations, or even with my family members. of course, i’ll hug and kiss my family when i see them, but it […]

the only thing to fear…

…we all know the rest. as per usual, the universe has been conspiring to get me back to blogging. the flashing lights are coming from all directions, and as easy as it is to be lazy and make up lame excuses as to why i can’t write, i can’t ignore the signs any longer so […]

write it down! part deux

i hate that i haven’t blogged in nearly a month. work and personal life have been so busy and i’m barely keeping my head above water. i feel like i’m in a constant state of motion, rarely taking a minute to just be with myself, quiet my breath, listen to my body and get my […]

we’re all just doing our best

a friend often says that “we’re all just doing our best.” and it is so true. it’s like one of my favorite books, “everybody’s got something” by robin roberts: we all have our unique problems, and what may be a mountain to me might be a molehill to someone else, and vice versa. it’s so important […]

finding your tribe

i recently took a pretty big step towards the “figuring out my life” thing and signed up for what i guess one would call a life coaching program. i used to think the concept was ridiculous: i’m an adult after all- surely i can figure out my own life! but what appealed to me so much […]