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why the world needs yoga

and/or meditation. or any/all mindfulness practices: because of all the horrific news we hear every time we turn on the tv. most notably at the moment, of course, the innumerable shooting incidences right here in our own country. the yogi in me sees that these knee jerk reactions (i.e., the cop who assumes a man is […]

the little things in life

once upon a time, a holiday like the fourth of july would have given me a small bit of anxiety. if i didn’t have plans to go out of town and “celebrate” in the conventional sense, i would have suffered that god-awful millennial disease of fomo. but with age comes maturity (well, for some, i guess) […]

write it down!

it seems as though any and everyone who believes in the law of attraction has read the secret; i myself was a little late to the game but am finally reading it now. i’m about halfway through and can tell that it’s working wonders already. in the span of a few weeks, some pretty awesome […]

an ode to yoga

in honor of international yoga day, i’m taking a moment to sing the praises of the practice that has changed my life so much for the better. i recently wrote an article for a website whose target audience is latina women in my age range, in which i talked about how for much of my […]

all of my favorite yoga teachers begin class with an intention-setting practice and it’s one of the things i appreciate most about their classes. in yoga it seems that intentions are meant to be personal; so i can think of only one time in which the instructor asked the class to send their thoughts, love, […]