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vegan? you too can enjoy baked goods.

as one might imagine, deciding to become a vegan hasn’t been an easy decision (and i’m still not 100% there). but perhaps surprising to some is why it isn’t easy. i barely eat steak, am not crazy about chicken, and will only have eggs at the occasional brunch (i have to say, however, that i […]

some thoughts on veganism

veganism seems to be somewhat of a fad these days (especially among the trendy new york city set). when a good friend told me she’d gone vegan a couple of years ago, i thought she was probably just being trendy like all of those soul cyclers (or whatever the workout craze of the moment was […]

hearty picnic: eat well, do good

part of why i love new york so much is the plethora of brilliant people doing brilliant (and in many cases, charitable) things. take hearty picnic, for example: at this week-long pop-up restaurant, diners order smaller portion food items that “include a donation to fight hunger in america.” items on offer are fresh and seasonal, […]


dogs: the pre-mammogram

and with that, my first official post! let’s get to it. this isn’t the first story like this i’ve heard (in fact, i’ve heard more than i can count!) but this doggie max really tore at my heartstrings. it never ceases to amaze me how intelligent and intuitive (not to mention beautiful and lovable) these […]


while i do, for the most part, enjoy my day job, some days i find that it isn’t particularly…fulfilling. and i’m not always passionate about how i’m spending the hours in my day. this has led to an increasing sense of overall dissatisfaction as of late. the more i discuss this with others though, the […]