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accepting people where they are

today i want to share another piece of advice from the great gabby bernstein about accepting people where they are. (spoiler: i’m gonna talk about expectations…again). as i’ve written probably one too many times, it’s natural to have expectations of the people we know and love. but when those aren’t met, resentment can breed and fester, […]

in praise of love

on saturday i had the great pleasure of witnessing the marriage of two dear friends. i’ve known the guy for nearly 15 years- he was one of the first friends i made my freshman year of college. over the course of those 15 years, i’ve watched him hop from one relationship to another. i met several […]

on perspective, part 37564847

i am all about the perspective and gratitude as of late. but like most of us, i sometimes forget to look on the bright side of things. like this past weekend, for example: my mom’s birthday was on saturday (which coincided with the holiday weekend) so my family had plans to go to our beach […]

oh, the humanity

i hate to admit that i’m often a crotchety new yorker, grumbling about all the people, and the fact that it’s too cold (or too hot, these days). there are too many tourists and weird smells and just a constant assault on all of the senses. at the same time though, i’m pretty confident that […]

musings on a new job

i started a new job yesterday. without boring the reader with the details, i’ll just say that i had very mixed feelings about accepting the job when it was offered to me. my first day was a blur: learning the way things are done here, meeting all these new people and trying to remember their […]