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yin & yang

one of my favorite yoga classes to take is yin/yang (though really, it should be called yang/yin, since the yang half typically comes first). yang is the more active portion of the class, more of a vinyasa flow; yin is passive, in which postures (usually seated or lying down) are held for up to five […]

essential oil miracles

yesterday i had the pleasure of attending an essential oils workshop at the beautiful home of much-loved yoga and meditation teacher elena brower. her apartment is such a haven of tranquility- the moment i walked in, i felt at ease. i definitely got a sense that the people who live in that place operate at a high […]

trust the universe

i’ve had some really nice things come my way in the past couple of months. i’m not sure if something in my attitude or behavior changed: i’ve been doing yoga, tapping, eating healthily…doing all the same things i’ve done for many, many months now. but i’ve also relinquished a lot of control, and at the suggestion […]

“ask and it is given”

i’m currently reading a book on the law of attraction called ask and it is given: learning to manifest your desires by esther and jerry hicks. i’ve written a bit about my recently-found belief in the law of attraction, so i’m trying to learn the tools to even further manifest the things i’d like to see […]

the f word

nope, not that one. the f word i’m talkin’ about here is forgiveness. it was my great privilege to attend a panel discussion hosted by the forgiveness project at barnes & noble last night. the london-based organization is, according to its a website, one that “collects and shares real stories of forgiveness to build understanding, encourage reflection […]