i’m back! and have exciting news

i suppose ebbs and flows are natural in all facets of life. clearly i go through phases of not blogging for literally months, but i’ve stopped feeling guilty about it, realizing that when i feel inspired to pick it back up again, i can and will. that being said, the past couple of months have been very insightful. and dare i say, transformative. largely due to the fact that i’ve rediscovered kundalini yoga. if you’re not familiar with the practice, it’s known as the “yoga of awareness”. you’re probably thinking, isn’t ALL yoga about awareness? definitely, but let me tell you: kundalini is next level. this branch of yoga focuses heavily on mantra and breathwork, which i’ve learned are extremely powerful tools for tuning into all the parts of who we are. i myself am still learning about the practice (i’m currently juggling three books) so i don’t even feel well enough equipped to offer a great explanation of what it is, but if you’re interested, huffington post does a pretty solid job in this article. it’s a great place to start. i’ll definitely be writing more about my adventures in kundalini here in the future, so stay tuned.

anyhow, onto the exciting news! quite some months ago, i was honored when my dear friend and yoga school roommate dana asked me to be a brand ambassador for her line of activewear, danaloufit. each piece is handmade here in the states (in jensen beach, florida to be exact) and features great on-trend prints. more importantly though, her clothing is super comfortable and ideal for your yoga practice. i was already excited enough about being asked to be a brand ambassador; then the deal was sweetened even further when dana asked me if i’d like to be featured on her blog. naturally, i jumped at the chance. we did a quick interview, which you can read here. thank you so much to dana and her team for making me a part of the dana lou crew. please check out the offerings on her site and place an order today. i can’t guarantee your practice will improve, but i can tell you you’ll be super comfortable (and stylish. not that this matters in yoga, of course. but it’s just an added bonus).

you used to call me on my cell phone

…in like, 2001. but it seems that the act of picking up the phone and having an actual conversation is a thing of the past. this saddens me, but i’ll be the first to admit that i always tended to take the lazy, less personal route and text just about everyone i communicate with. i’d only actually dial someone to facilitate making plans, or maybe to wish a happy birthday, or catch up with a friend who lives far away and i don’t often see. conversely, the one person who has always called me regularly is my mom (shoutout!); when someone else does call, i’m often taken a little by surprise (and embarrassingly, tempted to let the call go to voicemail. if it’s important they’ll leave a message and i can call back, right?) but as of late, i’ve had several frustrating situations in which texting caused a miscommunication, and i’ve really started to change my tune where texting vs. calling is concerned. so much can be lost in translation, and i really relish hearing the other person’s voice and knowing from his/her intonation if something is said in jest, anger, amusement, etc.

then to reaffirm my newfound love of the phone call, this happened last night: i was shocked when a good friend texted me, asking if i was free for a phone call (she’s never once called me, in nearly a decade of friendship). i had just gotten home from dinner and was winding down and getting ready for bed, but happily told her to give me a call. it turns out she’d learned some news about a guy she dated a little while back that had made her really upset. but i couldn’t help feeling what approximated happiness despite her pain, when she said the absolute most wonderful thing anyone could have said to me. of course i don’t remember her exact words, but to paraphrase: “when i found out [the news about my ex] i thought, this is too long to text anyone. i need to talk on the phone. and you were the first to come to mind because i’ve been so upset and i thought, cristina will be all yogi and know just what to say. she’ll probably tell me to send him light and love.” i literally teared up. sometimes i feel like my hippy-dippy yoga speak might be annoying to people, but it was so nice to hear this friend say that she actually appreciates it, and was looking for some of that in her life. my heart grew a few inches.

of course, despite the pep talk i gave her, she’s still hurting today. but such is the grieving process. she’ll feel a little better every day, and one morning she’ll wake up and it will miraculously no longer hurt (i speak from experience). it’s good to know that in a world of endless communication via so many less meaningful channels, one can still pick up the phone and make a true connection.

it’s been so long since i blogged that i almost forgot my login information! that can’t be good. i’m back just in time though, after hanging out with one of my biggest cheerleaders last night who [several times] mentioned that i haven’t blogged in a while. i’ve felt a little uninspired lately, but after a great group coaching session this morning i’m feeling like i have something that i want to share.

one of my fellow group members has been talking about making a drastic life change and leaving her job and comfort zone to live in the mountains for a few months in 2017. i’ve known her for nearly half a year, and she talks about this at least once a week (and that’s only what i’m aware of!) as she talked about her struggle with this decision, i could feel her anxiety so acutely, and my own chest started to feel tight too, thinking about my similar indecision. as she worked through her own stuff, i closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and tried to feel into what i want to do with my life, and the answer was clear as day. my gut told me that i need to follow my heart and do this thing that’s been calling me for over a year. is the prospect terrifying? absolutely. does the possibility exist that i’ll fail? you bet. but on the flip side, will i regret not having taken a chance? also a resounding YES. i’m constantly reminded that life is short, and if we don’t take chances and live it to the fullest, we run the risk of finding ourselves on our deathbeds, having never left our comfort zones or embracing exciting challenges. and that prospect is way, way scarier than the fear of the unknown of what will happen if i embrace this new chapter, or the fear of failure (and god knows the latter is always a concern for me).

i’m so grateful to my community of supporters who inspire me daily to be brave, to live big, and to buck convention. without you i might just accept mediocrity. every day i grow a little more confident and find a little more resolve to follow this still-unclear-but-that’s-ok dream. so thank you, thank you, thank you.

yet another slap in the face from the universe

my birthday was this past weekend, so after celebrating in the city with my friends on saturday, i headed to new jersey to continue the celebration with my family. i had the best, most laughter-filled, most relaxing day with the people i love most, and was happy as a clam. yet the day after my birthday was a little rough all around: i butted heads with my niece; had a friend react very passive-aggressively when i politely asked to rearrange plans to hang out; and was feeling a little sad about the end of a brief, yet very nice, romance. i had been on such a high the day before, only to feel like my world was crumbling around me (ok, that’s super dramatic. it wasn’t crumbling, but there was way more conflict than i’m used to on a daily basis.) since i was so wrapped up in my birthday weekend, i hadn’t done my self care practices, i.e. yoga/pilates, tapping, or meditation, which is probably why i’d had such a visceral reaction to the each relationship hiccup. i could handle each on its own, but taken together they felt like a punch in the gut. the last thing i needed/expected after the high of celebrating all these years of life.

that being said, i was feeling slightly melancholy on my commute into work the following morning. it didn’t improve matters when this guy insisted on taking the seat next to me on the bus, when there were plenty of empty seats both in front of and behind me. normally it wouldn’t have bothered me, but because i was heading back into the city after my birthday, i was laden with bags of gifts and the leftovers of the delicious cake that my mom had baked for me. so it was a whole to-do to rearrange my stuff and make room for this gentleman. anyway, once i finally re-settled myself, i noticed that the guy was meditating. i have never, in my hundreds of times on a new jersey transit bus, witnessed someone meditate during his/her commute. at one point, the guy even started practicing kapalabhati breathing (a yogic practice by which one exhales very forcefully–and therefore loudly–through the nose). i had to laugh. here i was feeling all flustered and frustrated first by my own personal shit, and then by the fact that my fellow bus rider had, at least from my perspective, inconvenienced me by taking the seat next to me. but in fact, the universe had put him there as a reminder that you best pick your self-help practices back up asap! and you best believe i did. i meditated for the rest of the ride, and by the time i got to the city, i felt infinitely more centered, even when the subway stalled for a good 10 minutes and i ended up being late for work. so to the dedicated meditator who insisted on taking that seat next to me on the bus, sincerest thank you, whoever and wherever you are.

i’m constantly saying it, but it doesn’t get old: the universe really does provide. as long as we’re open and willing to see the signs, the lessons are there for the taking.

speaking my truth

i’ve come to the conclusion that there are two types of people: those who can and do freely express their emotions, and those who are sort of stunted in that department, and for whom expressing raw emotion is difficult. i certainly fall into the second category; i feel all the emotions–sometimes i think i feel too much!–but i have a hard time verbalizing my feelings, especially in romantic relationships. i hate to admit that as long as things are fine on the surface i’m content to sort of glide along. i don’t often dig deeper, don’t attempt to really connect on an emotional level (this probably speaks to a fear of intimacy.) but intellectually i know that the only way to have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship is to speak my truth, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes me (or the other person, for that matter).

so for example: i’ve been dating someone casually for the past few months. i like and care about this person very much. he treats me well and is kind, interesting, funny and just all around a really solid human being. but recently i’ve felt a little uneasy about some elements of our not-quite-yet-relationship. i’ve been thinking about addressing my concerns for a while, but fear was getting in the way. over the weekend i saw an opening to bring up the topic and finally did so, and everything sort of exploded in a monumental way. i thought i was reasonably stating my feelings in an innocuous, non-threatening and non-accusatory way, but from my perspective anyway, the other party took what i said out of context, and instead of seeing that i was actually trying to pay him compliments and let him know how much i enjoy being with him, he took it as me saying all the things that i find to be “wrong”. it was so deflating to want to have an open, honest, and progressive conversation, only to feel like my words were misinterpreted.

in the hours since this conversation, i’ve had moments of feeling like, i should have just kept my mouth shut; i fucked it up; i said the wrong thing; i said too much; i didn’t say enough, etc etc etc. i’ve berated myself and felt dejected and wished i could take the whole thing back. but then the more developed and in-tune with her higher-self cristina steps in and reminds me that you can never go wrong speaking your truth. my intention wasn’t to harm or place blame; it was merely to say, this is how i feel, and i would love if you’d express how you feel, too. i can only control my actions and no one else’s. as long as my words come from a place of love, i have nothing to feel guilty about, nothing to regret.

sometimes we go into hard conversations knowing the outcome can go either way. as a friend told me last night: regardless of the outcome, i win. if that difficult talk ultimately brings me and this person closer and deepens our connection, that would be great. if it doesn’t, i spoke my truth. every time i do so, i grow just a little bit more. it reminds me that i’m stronger than i give myself credit for.

communicating in and of itself is already hard enough; then on top of that, you need to figure out which style of communication works best with the individual with whom you’re dealing. it’s enough to make a person’s head spin! but when it’s all said and done, my relationship with myself is the most important. if i honor my feelings and express them in a loving way, i’ve done my best. and that’s all that can be expected of any of us. so today’s moral of the story: speak your truth.