c’mon, we’re all “foodies”

one of my pet peeves are those people who call themselves foodies. i mean, who doesn’t love food?! i’ve met one or two people who look at what they consume strictly as fuel for the incredible machine that is the human body, but by and large everyone i know (especially in new york) can appreciate good food. now what constitutes “good food” can differ greatly from person to person. after all, we’re each unique in our likes and dislikes (ah the beauty of individuality). for example, i consider myself a foodie when it comes to 1) sweets 2) plant-based food. two pretty different ends of the spectrum but hey, i like what i like. i can tell you where to get the most delicious brownie (ovenly in greenpoint) or the most buttery, crumbly-topped apple pie (believe it or not, at a chain restaurant called houlihan’s. if you don’t know, now ya know) in all of the land, but i’ve also tried just about every vegan/vegetarian/semi-healthy-but-maybe-not restaurant in manhattan (and most of brooklyn). i’ve been on even more of a food exploration kick as of late, thanks in large part to an awesome lunch program called mealpal (check out the site for details on how it works. but i promise it is super easy and convenient. ain’t nobody got time for unnecessary headaches!) in the past month, i’ve had everything from vegetarian quiche from épicerie boulud, to avocado toast with a side of butternut squash soup from tartinery, to just about every falafel bowl within a mile radius (believe me, there are A LOT). and none has disappointed. i’m a true creature of habit, and if left to my own devices would (and did, before mealpal) eat the same thing for lunch for months at a time. but now i’m trying new things and keeping my tastebuds on their toes. if you find yourself in a lunch rut, consider switching it up and giving mealpal a try.