developing a home yoga practice

since i started practicing yoga regularly a couple of years ago, i’ve always either gone to a class or done a video at home. i much prefer classes for two reasons: 1) i’m motivated by the energy of the other students, but never in a competitive way. this is one of my favorite things about yoga- the focus on self-improvement and the idea of going within, rather than checking out the people around you and seeing how their poses compare to your own 2) the instructor offers encouragement, adjustments, and, in the best-case scenario, some soundbites of wisdom (this is really important to me: i’ve talked about how i practice yoga just as much for the spiritual component as for the physical one). but it wasn’t until this morning that i practiced yoga all alone, in the privacy of my cozy apartment, without following a video. and it was a wonderful and empowering experience.

i was inspired to give the solo, no-instructions yoga a try after reading this article about the intuitive nature of yoga on a site called the yoga lunchbox yesterday. the article’s author says that the body somehow knows how to best flow from one posture to the next. of course, it helps to have gone to countless classes and watched many videos, but my point is that yoga is no different from any other physical activity: if you practice it enough, it will become second nature. by the end of my quick 25-minute session, i honestly felt like i could have led a class, and that was a really great feeling. the human body is truly an incredible machine, and it comforts me to know i’m fine-tuning mine with yoga.

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