diet wisdom from dr. suhas

i just finished listening to yet another call from the borrowed wisdom world summit, in which ayurvedic physician dr. suhas kshirsagar shared some interesting insight into how, what, and when we should be eating for optimal health. much of what dr. suhas said has come to be widely accepted as common sense, but the following points were news to me:

– a slimy coating on the tongue is an indicator of chronic indigestion (i know, gross). the coating covers tastebuds and diminishes ability to taste and therefore enjoy food
– contrary to what we’ve been told about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, dr. suhas says that we should actually be making lunch the main meal. he also says that our meals should mirror the sun’s progress through the sky; in other words, breakfast and dinner should be light, and the midday meal should be the heaviest and most substantial
– we should not be eating five and six small meals a day. this constant eating doesn’t allow the stomach to fully digest its contents. instead, we should fast for a full four hours between meals. hunger is a signal that the body needs and is ready for nourishment. if you’re not feeling hungry, your body doesn’t need food at that time, plain and simple
– people often confuse thirst for hunger. if you think you’re hungry, reach for a glass of water or herbal tea before a cookie or bag of chips. if you’re still hungry after that, then it might be time for a meal

these are just some of the nuggets of wisdom from the call. to learn more from the brilliant dr. suhas, visit his website and/or read his book, the hot belly diet, “a 30-day ayurvedic plan to reset your metabolism, lose weight, and restore your body’s natural balance to heal itself”.

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