finding your tribe

i recently took a pretty big step towards the “figuring out my life” thing and signed up for what i guess one would call a life coaching program. i used to think the concept was ridiculous: i’m an adult after all- surely i can figure out my own life! but what appealed to me so much about this program is the fact that it’s a group one, so every week i’m communicating with not one like-minded person, but nine like-minded, butt-kicking individuals from different backgrounds and with different interests, but ultimately with the common goal to make life better for themselves and others. we’re only about a month into the program, but i’m already finding so much inspiration in these people who have dreams of doing big things and contributing to the world in some positive way. meditation and yoga and whatever other solo practices i have are fantastic, but i truly believe that there’s strength in numbers. having a support system that understands where i’m coming from and where i want to go is more valuable than i ever could have imagined. it hit me this morning during our video conference: i had found my tribe. i have a few scattered friends who really “get” me, but it’s awesome to commune once a week with nine people who are totally on my wave length, and who have committed to support me in this process (and i in turn to support them).

if you haven’t already, get out there and find your tribe! it’ll make the journey that much more fun, inspiring, challenging, and rewarding. much love to my fellow game changers.