while i do, for the most part, enjoy my day job, some days i find that it isn’t particularly…fulfilling. and i’m not always passionate about how i’m spending the hours in my day. this has led to an increasing sense of overall dissatisfaction as of late. the more i discuss this with others though, the more i realize that my feelings aren’t at all uncommon (and the better i feel. after all, misery loves company! kidding. i’m not miserable. but I digress). so in an effort to combat that sense of the doldroms, i’m committing to blogging about things that make me feel uplifted, inspired, and HAPPY. among those things are animals (primarily dogs!) nutrition, yoga…basically any and all things related to wellness, both physical and mental.

the older i get, the more i realize that life really is short, so one must live in the now. appreciate and celebrate the good in life (even the bad! it makes us appreciate the good that much more), and keep a healthy sense of perspective. and i believe that having the love of friends and family (and pets!), eating well, exercising…just living a healthy life overall make that positive outlook much more attainable. so while this is starting off very much as a personal project, i hope that what i share here will uplift and inspire you the reader, too.

thanks for visiting, happy reading, and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments along the way.


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