i’m back! and have exciting news

i suppose ebbs and flows are natural in all facets of life. clearly i go through phases of not blogging for literally months, but i’ve stopped feeling guilty about it, realizing that when i feel inspired to pick it back up again, i can and will. that being said, the past couple of months have been very insightful. and dare i say, transformative. largely due to the fact that i’ve rediscovered kundalini yoga. if you’re not familiar with the practice, it’s known as the “yoga of awareness”. you’re probably thinking, isn’t ALL yoga about awareness? definitely, but let me tell you: kundalini is next level. this branch of yoga focuses heavily on mantra and breathwork, which i’ve learned are extremely powerful tools for tuning into all the parts of who we are. i myself am still learning about the practice (i’m currently juggling three books) so i don’t even feel well enough equipped to offer a great explanation of what it is, but if you’re interested, huffington post does a pretty solid job in this article. it’s a great place to start. i’ll definitely be writing more about my adventures in kundalini here in the future, so stay tuned.

anyhow, onto the exciting news! quite some months ago, i was honored when my dear friend and yoga school roommate dana asked me to be a brand ambassador for her line of activewear, danaloufit. each piece is handmade here in the states (in jensen beach, florida to be exact) and features great on-trend prints. more importantly though, her clothing is super comfortable and ideal for your yoga practice. i was already excited enough about being asked to be a brand ambassador; then the deal was sweetened even further when dana asked me if i’d like to be featured on her blog. naturally, i jumped at the chance. we did a quick interview, which you can read here. thank you so much to dana and her team for making me a part of the dana lou crew. please check out the offerings on her site and place an order today. i can’t guarantee your practice will improve, but i can tell you you’ll be super comfortable (and stylish. not that this matters in yoga, of course. but it’s just an added bonus).