some thoughts on veganism

veganism seems to be somewhat of a fad these days (especially among the trendy new york city set). when a good friend told me she’d gone vegan a couple of years ago, i thought she was probably just being trendy like all of those soul cyclers (or whatever the workout craze of the moment was back then). but over the past couple of years, a very real consciousness has evolved around knowing where our food comes from. because after all, we are what we eat. and if the fruits and vegetables we eat were grown with loads of chemicals, those chemicals will end up in our bodies. the same goes for meat: if the animals were given growth hormones, those too will end up in our bodies.

but even more importantly (to my mind, anyway) is the living conditions of animals bred for food. i’m a believer in energy transference, and firmly uphold the notion that an unhappy, fearful animal’s negative energy is transferred to those who subsequently eat that animal (if you’ve seen august osage county, recall abigail breslin’s speech at the dinner table. she totally hit the nail on the head). that being said, i tend to avoid meat unless i know it’s free range or bred on a small farm where living conditions are above-average. i’ve seen far too many documentaries on the horrors of life in breeding facilities. not only does it make me uneasy about what i’m putting into my body, but even moreso, it breaks my heart for the animals. after seeing a particularly upsetting documentary, i’m newly committed to being more conscious of what i eat, and was therefore thrilled to receive an e-newsletter from well + good about the hottest vegan restaurants in new york city. over the next couple of months i’ll be visiting each restaurant and sharing my opinions, so please stay tuned.

as always, thanks to well + good for the healthy and empowering newsletter. while we’re at it and i’m singing well + good’s praises, here’s a related (and highly recommended!) link: 10 really important food documentaries every healthy eater should watch. lastly, be sure to see katie couric’s documentary about the dangers of sugar, fed up, in theaters now.

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