the only thing to fear…

…we all know the rest. as per usual, the universe has been conspiring to get me back to blogging. the flashing lights are coming from all directions, and as easy as it is to be lazy and make up lame excuses as to why i can’t write, i can’t ignore the signs any longer

so here it goes: a little over a month ago, i mentioned the life-coaching program i signed up for. despite finding the sessions to be insightful and inspiring, i myself have felt pretty stagnant. i often compare myself to my fellow trainees who seem to be so much further along in their journeys, and therefore get a little down on myself. but during our last session, self-pity just wasn’t an option. our fearless leader sort of called me out and devoted a good half hour of our ninety minute session to getting me to “dig deeper”. i dug til it was borderline uncomfortable, and then went home and journaled about it later that night, once i’d had a little time to reflect on what was talked about earlier in the day. what i came up with is that i am [still] approaching many aspects of my life from a place of fear rather than love. this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, as i’ve undoubtedly blogged about it in the past (probably more than once). but it was a helpful reminder that my default is fear. i won’t change this overnight, but if i recognize the pattern and attempt to change course, i will slowly but surely move towards making love-based decisions (or so i hope!)

so: the only thing to fear is fear itself. and by the way, because i still love to tap when i make the time to do it, my man brad yates has some great videos to help conquer the fear demon. i hope you’ll find them helpful. namaste my peeps.