vegan? you too can enjoy baked goods.

as one might imagine, deciding to become a vegan hasn’t been an easy decision (and i’m still not 100% there). but perhaps surprising to some is why it isn’t easy. i barely eat steak, am not crazy about chicken, and will only have eggs at the occasional brunch (i have to say, however, that i do love all and every kind of seafood.) but what i fear i’ll miss the most is baked goods. i do not discriminate- i love them all. if i had to choose a diet downfall, this would certainly be it. luckily for me, there are plenty of bakeries that offer vegan options (whole foods’ chocolate chip scone is one of my favorites. the date/pecan scone isn’t bad, either). but vegan goodies (like all vegan products) tend to be pricier than their non-vegan counterparts, and in a city like new york where everything is already so expensive, i need to be conscious of not spending too much on something that, at the end of the day, i really shouldn’t even be indulging in that often anyway. this got me to thinking that maybe i should experiment with baking my own vegan treats at home. after all, i’m a pretty good baker, if i may say so myself. but what to substitute for butter and eggs? what about heavy cream? well my friends, the good news is, the internet has an answer for everything. i’ve already found plenty of recipes that i’m excited to try, like this gorgeous raw blueberry cheesecake from deliciously ella and this oatmeal pumpkin bread from happy. healthy. life. (by the way, each and every recipe on these two sites looks incredibly delicious and guilt-free! if you’re trying to do the vegan thing, i highly recommend both sites).

i have a lot that i need to be reporting back on (i.e. all of those vegan restaurants!) but i’m also going to try one of the above recipes in the near future and give my real talk on how vegan pumpkin bread compares to the real deal. now this is my kind of experiment.

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