we’re all just doing our best

a friend often says that “we’re all just doing our best.” and it is so true. it’s like one of my favorite books, “everybody’s got something” by robin roberts: we all have our unique problems, and what may be a mountain to me might be a molehill to someone else, and vice versa. it’s so important when dealing with people that we try to remember that just like us, they too are battling their demons. and i think if we could be a little more open and honest about our respective demons (this doesn’t mean we have to overshare or tell everyone our life story) but if we could just acknowledge that like, “hey, i’m going through some shit today, please bear with me” if would be a huge help to our multitude of relationships. and also to ourselves! so much of happiness and serenity is being self-aware, being able to step back and say, this is how i feel. let me process this and figure out how to go back into the world. i’m continually learning how to do this.

this post comes about because a few things transpired to rattle me a bit over the weekend. when i hung out with a friend i was a little jabby and feel like i unfairly took out my frustrations on this person. i wish i had said, “listen, i don’t want to go into specifics but i had a bit of a rough day so forgive me if i’m not at my best.” instead, i kept my icky feelings to myself, and they made their way out in a not-ideal way. i genuinely did the best that i could in the situation, and so did the person who had to deal with me. but ultimately a miscommunication occurred and that was upsetting to me.

so the takeaway is: you’re going through some shit. so is he. and she. and that guy over there. and your boss/therapist/dentist/uncle. be kind to all of those people and remember that they too are all trying to muddle through this messy, confusing, sometimes scary, but most importantly, very-beautiful-if-you-stop-to-appreciate-it life.