you used to call me on my cell phone

…in like, 2001. but it seems that the act of picking up the phone and having an actual conversation is a thing of the past. this saddens me, but i’ll be the first to admit that i always tended to take the lazy, less personal route and text just about everyone i communicate with. i’d only actually dial someone to facilitate making plans, or maybe to wish a happy birthday, or catch up with a friend who lives far away and i don’t often see. conversely, the one person who has always called me regularly is my mom (shoutout!); when someone else does call, i’m often taken a little by surprise (and embarrassingly, tempted to let the call go to voicemail. if it’s important they’ll leave a message and i can call back, right?) but as of late, i’ve had several frustrating situations in which texting caused a miscommunication, and i’ve really started to change my tune where texting vs. calling is concerned. so much can be lost in translation, and i really relish hearing the other person’s voice and knowing from his/her intonation if something is said in jest, anger, amusement, etc.

then to reaffirm my newfound love of the phone call, this happened last night: i was shocked when a good friend texted me, asking if i was free for a phone call (she’s never once called me, in nearly a decade of friendship). i had just gotten home from dinner and was winding down and getting ready for bed, but happily told her to give me a call. it turns out she’d learned some news about a guy she dated a little while back that had made her really upset. but i couldn’t help feeling what approximated happiness despite her pain, when she said the absolute most wonderful thing anyone could have said to me. of course i don’t remember her exact words, but to paraphrase: “when i found out [the news about my ex] i thought, this is too long to text anyone. i need to talk on the phone. and you were the first to come to mind because i’ve been so upset and i thought, cristina will be all yogi and know just what to say. she’ll probably tell me to send him light and love.” i literally teared up. sometimes i feel like my hippy-dippy yoga speak might be annoying to people, but it was so nice to hear this friend say that she actually appreciates it, and was looking for some of that in her life. my heart grew a few inches.

of course, despite the pep talk i gave her, she’s still hurting today. but such is the grieving process. she’ll feel a little better every day, and one morning she’ll wake up and it will miraculously no longer hurt (i speak from experience). it’s good to know that in a world of endless communication via so many less meaningful channels, one can still pick up the phone and make a true connection.